The Female Impact is a comprehensive women's leadership platform and solution for organizations looking to cultivate a company culture where women thrive and support each other.
Welcome to The Female Impact
Signs Your Organization Needs The Female Impact...
  •  Poor or non-exsistent female representation in top tiers of leadership. 
  • A disconnect between what women value and what your corporate culture offers.
  • Employees, especially women, are experiencing burnout and stress-related illnesses & absences.
  • Women leaders experiencing a sense of isolation in the board room and management meetings.
  • Dissatisfaction due to the lack of flexibility to help employees better manage demands of work and home.
  • A pervasive confidence gap for women to step up, show up or lean in.
  • Parents feeling unsupported and exiting the company after maternity leave or due to parenting conflicts.
  • Women can't identify a clear career path available to them, making it difficult to lobby for the stretch assignments that will help them advance to senior management.
  • The company culture overvalues face-time positions, instead of focusing on supporting employees to perform in a way that works best for the individual and team success and productivity.  
The Objectives of The Female Impact
Our Objectives:
  • Identify the underlying strengths and weaknesses in the current company culture for women.
  • Transform the women's culture into an environment where women celebrate other women and lead with collaboration and inspiration, instead of competition and self-doubt. 
  • Create more work-life balance, decreasing stress, burnout and absenteeism. 
  • Teach women powerful, proven tools to stop habits like underestimating themselves, self-sabotage, self-bullying and self-criticism.
  • Connect women to their power and inner wisdom so they can step forward with confidence and rise to new levels of leadership.
But we do want to warn you. This leadership program is not for organizations who are wanting a quick fix. This is for organizations who are ready to invest in a comprehensive women's leadership initiative.
Transforming the Culture for Women at Work
The Female Impact Solution
Our three-phase customizable program is designed for organizations committed to developing and
supporting women by creating an empowering women's culture. 

Women will step out of competition and self-criticism and step into collaboration and self-confidence, 
so they can do their best work and thrive.

Partnering with The Female Impact 
Partnering with The Female Impact will give you access to two master coaches and consultants, Amy Ahlers and Liz Logan,
 with over 33 years of combined experience coaching in the corporate and public sectors,
as well The Female Impact collaborative.

Our passion, experience and results focuses on high achieving professional women 
in leadership positions or emerging leaders. 

    All-hands meeting with the Core Team to align our teams on the overall objective and scope of work for this initiative.
    Conduct an anonymous survey to women inside the organization. This important pulse check will provide key insights and learnings to help create a successful program.
    Interview key internal leaders and stakeholders to enhance the understanding of the current women's leadership challenges and opportunities. These interviews lead to a broader and deeper understanding of key topics such as vision and mission; organization culture for women; leadership gaps and challenges; strategic goals; prevailing perceptions; and emerging concerns.
    Alignment and strategy session to bring forth the final information necessary for the development of The Female Impact program.
Based on the results from the survey and key leader interviews, we will create a customized Women’s Leadership Program to address the key challenges and areas of concern. The program can include any, or a combination of, the following: 
  • Keynote and/or Interactive Breakout Session
  • Monthly facilitated group coaching sessions (in-person or virtual)
  • Full Day Leadership Workshop
  • 3-Day Leadership Workshop
  • Off-site leadership intensive retreat
  • Year-long speaker and/or workshops series 
  • Curriculum can also be licensed for in-house facilitators after a train the trainer program.
After the Female Impact Women’s Leadership Program, we will conduct a final survey and assessment. This assessment will be a pulse check to determine the key takeaways and learnings from the program, as well as areas for improvement. 

The final strategy meeting will be with all key team members to go over the assessment results, process what worked well and what didn’t work well for participants and the team, and discuss next steps for programming and reaching the company’s vision for women’s leadership. Importantly, this step will begin to formulate the strategy for incorporating training to help men become better allies to women in the workplace.

Meet Amy Ahlers
Professional Executive Coach, Trainer, Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker
Meet The Female Impact Founders
Amy Ahlers
After a successful career in online media sales for companies like and, Amy discovered the world of coaching nearly two decades ago, and never looked back. 

She’s coached hundreds of professional women and men and has a community of over 125,000 people that have been touched by her online programs, workshops, books, coaching groups and keynote speaking engagements at places like Google and Oracle. 

She's a master coach with over 18 years of experience and the bestselling author of two books; Reform Your Inner Mean Girl (Simon & Schuster, 2015) and Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves (New World Library, 2011), is a sought-after keynote speaker, TV and radio show guest, and the host of the Amy Ahlers Show podcast. 

Her passion, experience and results are working with high achieving professional women leaders and emerging leaders. Amy has a specific gift for working with women and moms to release self-doubt, increase work/life balance, and reform their inner critics so they can step up, shine, rise and lead with joy and confidence. 

Amy lives in Oakland, CA with her beloved husband, two firecracker daughters and rescue mutt, Batman. 

“ I highly recommend working with Amy in any capacity. After spending time with Amy, you will no doubt walk away with new insights that can drive major change in your life."

- Heather McClellan, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Intuit
"The workshop exceeded my expectations. It allowed my team to articulate goals and structure a process to achieve goals."

- Ronna Goldstein, Sr. Regional Sales Manager, Oakwood Worldwide
"A nurturing, and supportive -- but no-nonsense -- approach to facilitating meaningful asset to any individual or business seeking a higher level experience."

- Diane A. Golden, Partner - Katz, Golden, Sullivan & Rosenman, LLP
Meet Liz Logan 
Women's Empowerment Leader, Speaker, and Entrepreneur with a successful lifestyle brand
Meet The Female Impact Founders
Liz Logan
Liz is a trailblazer in the world of wellness and female entrepreneurship & the founder of BeSOUL.  She travels the world on big and small stages, educating and empowering women by helping them clarify their dreams, aligning with how they want to feel, and unlocking their badass potential to live their most healthy, happy, successful life.

Working as an event planner with Fortune 500 companies on their incentive travel, Liz was always inspired by high-level achievers. After her own health struggles led to a different career path, she soon discovered the world of coaching and has made a successful career of it.

As a health, life and business coach as well as a master Pilates and yoga instructor and wellness center owner, Liz has influenced hundreds of women and men all over the globe. Her online programs, workshops, high-level mentorship, luxury retreats and speaking engagements are transformational and life-enhancing. 

Today, Liz specializes in helping big thinking, professional female leaders all over the globe, find their full power by breaking free from their false beliefs and mindsets that hold them from their true desires so they can keep moving forward with their dreams and BE who they are meant to BE. She hosts a podcast for the modern woman called, “Badass + Beautiful” and has LIZTV where she shares her life hacks. Her passion is to lead as a possibilitarian and to help women rise up & shine.

Liz lives in Vail, Colorado with her hubby Bill and their old pup Crackers.

"One of the most down to earth, influential leaders. Liz is professional, motivating and as real as they come. She will help you realize your potential and give you amazing insights to help you come into your full power. 

- Anne Anderson, Head of Corporate Philanthropy, Walton Foundation.
"We all really enjoyed having Liz as part of our conference. What she does is so important and we all valued the information provided. Our clients all thought her presentation was excellent and her wealth of knowledge very influential."

- Christopher C. Aitken, CIMA, Managing Director-Wealth Management
It's time for women to rise up, shine & lead!
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